The wish for Nightwish – Symphonic Metal talents

I already shared before that I’m a Heavy Metal fan, alongside other music genres. But I have never been really into Symphonic Metal. I know some good songs from the Dutch symphonic metal band “Within Temptation” with vocalist Sharon den Adel, but I never went further than that. Until the beginning of this year (still no Covid 19 around in Europe), when I was checking out the concert line-up of Rock Fest Barcelona. This I did because I had planned to go to this Festival, same as last year. My eyes felt on the band “Nightwish“. I never heard of them (my excuses to the fans), so I checked them out on the net. Appeared to be a Symphonic Metal band from Finland, with also a Dutch vocalist, called Floor Jansen.

Floor Jansen

I checked the band out on YouTube to see some live performances. I was blown away about what was revealing in front of my eyes. The YouTube video/song I had selected was The Greatest Show on Earth. It’s a song, but better said a Revelation of more than 20 minutes. The combination of this metal band, with the orchestra behind it, the visual effects, the song with it’s message and the amazing appearance and performance of the highly talented vocalist Floor Jansen, makes it the perfect mix. It’s obvious that all members are very talented, and that the founders Tuomas Holopainen (Keyboardist/Lead writer) and Emppu Vuorinen (Guitarist) have created a timeless group.

Nightwish – The Greatest show on Earth – Live

After this video I noticed another live performance of them called Sancta Terra, but now Floor Jansen in duet with another amazing (Dutch) vocalist called Simone Simmons. Simone is the lead vocalist of the Dutch symphonic metal band “Epica” which appeared to be also an amazing symphonic metal band. The voices of these two metal goddesses are matching so good that you think they are sisters of each other. Now I had something to look out for at the upcoming Rock Fest Festival in Barcelona in July.

A month after my personal discovery of these talented bands the Covid-19 virus hit Europe and all concerts and festivals were cancelled. Also, Rock Fest Barcelona, that means no Nightwish this year. Fortunately, they have been re-booked for next year edition of the Festival. I’m looking forward to it and I wish to see Nightwish next year.

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