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If you know already everything about your favorite music genre then just scroll down directly and vote on for your favorite EDM/EM artist. However, if you would like to know more about EDM then hereby some history and facts in a small recap about the same.

Looking at the history of Electronical Music (EM) and Electronical Dance Music (EMD), I think it’s correct to say that the main founders (but not the only ones) of EM and EDM is one Frenchman and one German band.

The Frenchman Jean-Michel André Jarre had his first mainstream success in 1976 with the album Oxygène.

Jarre’s 1976 low-budget solo album Oxygène, recorded at his home studio, made him famous internationally. It comprises six numbered synthesizer tracks that make strong use of melody, rather than rhythm or dissonance.

As of 2004, Jarre had sold an estimated 80 million albums. He was the first western musician officially invited to perform in the People’s Republic of China and holds the world record for the largest-ever audience at an outdoor event for his Moscow concert on 6 September 1997, which was attended by 3.5 million people. He is still successful until this day and one of the most famous and successful EM artists ever and to be known as one of the founders of EDM.

Next to Jean-Michel Jarre in the 70’s was the German band Kraftwerk who are considered as innovators and pioneers of EM, they were among the first successful acts to popularize the genre.

The band’s work has influenced a diverse range of artists and many genres of modern music, including synth-pop, post-punk, ambient and club music. In 2014, the recording Academy honored Kraftwerk with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. They later won the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album with their live album 3-D The Catalogue (2017) at the 2018 ceremony.  As of 2020, the band continues to tour.

EDM has been formed out of a mix of the above-mentioned artists and their music style with several other styles like P-punk, Dub, HipHop, Disco. In this same disco scene during the 80’, new styles were emerging like techno, house, rave and acid where the underground scene was doing a lot of experiments which leaded to a lot of subgenres. Some special places and clubs around the world became well known of focusing on this type of music and dance. Clubs in UK, USA, Germany and the small Balearic Island of Ibiza, Spain, were famous and some even notorious. During the end of the 1980s and during the 1990s some DJ’s started putting more BPM (Beat Per Minute) into the songs which were resulting in the so-called Dubstep and Electro House Music.

During the 1990s and 2000s the trance music emerged from the rave scene with artists like Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and many more.

Trap Music (EDM) originated from techno, dub, and Dutch House, but also from Southern hip hop in the late 2000s and early 2010. EDM is a mix of hip hop with a beat between 70-110 bpm, sometimes vocals, dance music with high Dutch synth work and some dub added to it.

Some are doubting if EDM will stay popular and might loose it’s freshness due to higher number of artists stepping into the genre and taking away its originality. But EDM has been on an all-time high, and that’s probably not going to change in 2020, or the next year for that matter. If you are not convinced then just look at Youtube music and see how many viewers most of the young EDM artists have like Illenium, Alan Walker, Kygo, Martin Garrix and Porter Robinson and many others. And for sure the Dance Festivals after the Covid-19 Pandemia will be more crowded then ever also to compensate the lack of the same during this year.

Vote on your favorite EDM (EM) artist of all time and let me know in the comment box when your favorite is not on the list.

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