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How Has AI Technology Helped to Enhance #Mi10TPro | #MiAcademy
How Has AI Technology Helped to Enhance #Mi10TPro | #MiAcademy

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#Technology #Helped #Enhance #Mi10TPro #MiAcademy
How Has AI Technology Helped to Enhance #Mi10TPro | #MiAcademy
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31 thoughts on “How Has AI Technology Helped to Enhance #Mi10TPro | #MiAcademy technology ai”

  1. I've bought a xiaomi k30 5g chinese rom and updated miui 12, now my Google account is not syncing, the xiaomi has banned Google service of chinese rom in Last update. There is No help of xiaomi to solve, no global rom for my model. I don't recommend xiaomi product, the software has bug, because this I don't can use my phone. I lost my money.

  2. I like how China phone manufacturers take different approach on Camera and Image Processing,,

    Oppo Vivo offer beautification and filters,
    Huawei offer vivid and sharp photo,
    Xiaomi offer this

    Probably still Marketing words but i hope Xiaomi gonna see it through

  3. Xiaomi !!, samsung is planning to take headphones and chargers out of the boxes just like apple !, you need to switch to samsung, and say: you are weak, you lack headphones and charger


    1. Any futurepresent smartphone shouldn't designed as hardly to disassembleassemble!!!!!!(display at while trying to disassemblingseparating object into 2 parts(after unscrew all exterior screws)assembling shouldn't gets crackedapart!!!!!!)
    2. Any futurepresent one all components durability shouldn't too low!!!! e.g. touchscreen shouldn't dies at some certain points after it gets drop to ground, awa microphone shouldn't autos die – in short – all components durability should as highest as possible!!!!
    3. Any futurepresent one shouldn't designed as waterdrop screen awa similars since vast majority of human doesn't loves these design forms!!!

    4. Any futurepresent one(especially for low end one) should packed with at least 14nm chipset for longer battery life at single charge, …!!!

    5. Any futurepresent low end one should designed as removable battery for variouseasy to replace battery if needed awa should also available battery to replace original battery when original battery capacity decreasesreducesdrops significantlyconsiderablynotably!!!

    6. Any futurepresent one screen(displaycamera glass) hardness should as highest as possible therefore hard to gets scratched!!!(any futurepresent smartphones should packed with kinds of screen(displaycamera glass) that as hardest as possible!!!)

    7. Any futurepresent one should packed with kinds of display that have clearvividbrilliant quality, absolute blackhigh contrast, energy efficient similar to AMOLED variations like Super AMOLED!!!

    8. Any futurepresent high end one display resolution should higherfarther than Full HD 1080P like QHD 1440P!!!

    9. Any futurepresent one speaker audio should as loudestqualitiest as possible!!!

    10. Any futurepresent one connection(chargingaudio) ports shouldn't worn after much pluggingunplugging!!! – durability should as highest as possible!!!

    11. Any futurepresent one charger cable's corecharger's circuit durability should as highest as possible!!!

    12. Any futurepresent one charging cable should loads at least 5V2A!!!

    13. Any futurepresent one box should exists as many specifications as possible such as LTEHSPA… speed, chipset model, what WLAN, Bluetooth, sensors, …, in shortsimple – almost all specifications of a smartphone at GSMArena!!!

    14. Any futurepresent one should exists Dolby Atmos(unlike Samsung one only supports used for wiredBluetooth connection – this one should must used for both those 2 ones awa smartphone's speaker) awa its audio quality should as same as Dolby Atmos standard as possible!!!, if humans behind Xiaomi小米 company are absolutely not stupidbrainless nature human race then won'twouldn'thadn't sighted this consist 14 criticismsteachings message(humans behind Xiaomi小米 company are absolutely stupidbrainless nature human species otherwise won'twouldn'thadn't sighted this consist 14 criticismsteachings message!!!!!)!!!!!

  5. Boasting of flagship specs. But sad reality is that my Mi10T Pro has a malfunctioning Proximity sensor. Stuck with the defective piece. Very dissappointed with the Mi10T Pro purchase. I'm a hard core Mi fan and recommends everyone to take Mi phones since 2014. But now, I have decided to never recommend Mi phones as they have gone low in terms of refinement and quality. I had returned the first piece with same defect, got replacement product with same defect. Hope Xiaomi officials see my comment. Sad to say negative about my favorite brand, but this is my situation.


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