Guitar addiction – Never enough guitars

My love for guitar music started already very young, but the eager to play the guitar myself came much later. I was around 18 and I was already for years into Heavy Metal music and slowly starting to get more interest into Blues Rock music. The moment of when my interest into playing the guitar changed into the desire to do it and to buy a guitar was when I heard for the first time the song “A million miles away” by the Irish Blues Rock legend Rory Gallagher. I was sold, I wanted to know how to play that, but it felt impossible, you can say, it felt like “A million miles away”.

At that moment of my life I was still studying, and I had some friends/class mates, who had a guitar. That was the first time in my life I had one real guitar in my hand. I remember the first guitar I held was a semi hollow type guitar, but I can’t remember the brand anymore. I do remember my other classmates had an Ibanez and a Fender American Stratocaster. So, there I was, holding a real guitar and no idea what even a chord was. They showed me a few but I still felt “A million miles away” from able to play the guitar. I felt that I was already to old to learn the guitar and that I was surely not talented to play a guitar.

Rory Gallagher Live Irish Tour 1974

It took a few more years, after my study, until I purchased my first guitar. It was an Epiphone acoustic guitar, which I bought in a shop in Singapore. From that moment I started practicing more serious and devoted. A year later I bought my first electric guitar, which was an Epiphone Les Paul Special II (starter pack).

Epiphone Les Paul Special ll
Epiphone Les Paul Special II

After that more guitars followed, and I started investigating online the history and the technical side of the electric guitar. I found also very interesting the modifications you could do to a guitar to improve it or just make it custom to your need. And so, I started modifying some guitars what I still like to do.

I bought the most of my new guitars and equipment/parts at Europe’s biggest online music store Thomann from Germany. The first guitar I customized was an Epiphone Les Paul Custom 100th Anniversary limited edition. A really nice, comfortable and beautiful guitar. It sounded already good by the fabric setup, but there was room for improvement. And so, I bought some new parts by Thomann and second hand parts via Reverb online and started customizing it.

Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Epiphone Les Paul Custom before customizing
Epiphone Les Paul Custom after customizing

I sold it online via Reverb to somebody in the UK. I still regret it, but I can’t complain to much also because I bought from this money a second hand Fender American Standard Telecaster, also via Reverb. And I’m very happy with this one.

Fender American Telecaster
Fender American Standard Telecaster

This Telecaster I want to customize also, and that I will show in a post in the near future. Next to this one I have, last but not least, a Gibson Les Paul Classic.

Gibson Les Paul Classic
Gibson Les Paul Classic

All these guitars have to be played and I find not much time to do it unfortunately. To improve my guitar play and learn different styles, I practice online. I found 2 years ago an amazing online guitar lesson site called TrueFire. The quality and the amount of artists and educators to choose from is impressive. From GRAMMY award winners, to top session players, to world renowned educators and all the guitar styles you can imagen.

My wife always ask me, when I want to buy another guitar: why you need so many guitars if you hardly play them? And I just answer that it’s my hobby and having your favorite guitar close to you or just watch at it already gives so much satisfaction. Anyway you know how it works with any addiction, you just want more and more and can’t stop.

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