Golden Earring Stops After 60 Years

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Sad news for Golden Earring fans after hearing the news that guitarist and founder George Kooymans (72) was diagnosed with the muscle disease ALS.

    The guitarist and singer realize that concerts are no longer possible as he said during an interview in a Dutch newspaper a few days ago. “It’s a progressive disease. Unfortunately, performing is no longer possible. ” Singer Barry Hay (72) and drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk (72) clearly state today that the Earring is all or nothing. “This is a death blow. We always said we would keep going until one of us fell over, ” says Hay. “I didn’t expect George to be the first. Kooymans was always the toughest of the four of us. You sometimes philosophize about that: who goes first? Then he was always at the back of the line. It sucks, we would have preferred a farewell tour, but unfortunately this is what it is. Our last performance appears to have been in Ahoy in 2019. That was a great show with family and friends, but we would have preferred it differently. ‘

Kooymans was, along with bass player Rinus Gerritsen, from the beginning of the Band in question. He founded in 1961, together with the boy next door Gerritsen the band, ” The Tornadoes”. The boys, 13-and 15-year-old soon found out that there was already a band that consisted of the same name and selected a new one: The Golden Earring. In the years that followed, Barry Hay, and Cesar Zuiderwijk, joined the rock band and the road to success started.

They achieved worldwide fame with their international hit songs “Radar Love” in 1973, which went to number one on the Dutch charts, reached the top ten in the United Kingdom, and went to number thirteen on the United States charts. “Twilight Zone” in 1982 became a Top-10 hit in 5 countries, including the USA. “When the Lady Smiles” in 1984 became reached the Top-10 in 3 countries. During their career they have had nearly 30 top-ten singles on the Dutch charts while releasing 25 studio albums.

Undoubtfully the most successful Dutch band ever existed until so far. Unfortunately, they will be leaving the music scene after 60 years, an age that not many bands reach. A lot of their songs are timeless and will be enjoyed forever. Golden Earring thanks for everything!

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Golden Earring – Radar Love (Original Version)

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