Fender Telecaster Guitar Upgrades – True Metal Caster

One of my favorite guitars is the Fender Telecaster. I already shared in a post of last August called “Guitar Addiction” that I have a Fender American Standard Telecaster of 2015 (= nowadays called the Fender American Professional Telecaster), which I bought second hand at Reverb. Also I shared in that same post that I had the plan to customize it. And finally I found the time to do so.

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I was inspired for customizing by the guitarist Angus Clark. I was following an online guitar course from Truefire called “Take 5: Muted Rock Rhythm” with Angus Clark as the teacher. When I started the course, I saw that he was playing a Fender Telecaster and it produced a nice, tight punching sound. After freezing the video, I noticed that he had an open coil mini humbucker in the bridge position, but I couldn’t see which brand it was. Therefor I went browsing on the net and found out that there are only a few companies who make a mini humbucker for Telecaster guitars. Seymour Duncan fabricates the “Little ’59 Tele Pickup” which looked like the one that Angus was using. But to be sure I went to check out Angus Clark on the YouTube and found a video of him, completely dedicated to his Telecaster. He calls it the “True Metal Caster” and in that video he confirmed that the pickup is indeed the one from Seymour Duncan.

Angus Clark’s True Metal Caster

Now I had my confirmation about the pickup and directly purchased it with additional also a set of Fender Locking Tuners for doing the final touch of the customizing although you can call that a guitar upgrade. After a few days I had all the parts at home and started the project. Hereby some photos of the customizing/upgrade process.

Before customizing
Bridge saddle with original single coil pickup
Removing pickup
Preparation for welding new pickup wires
Seymour Duncan’s Little ’59 installed
Final Result

I’m very satisfied with the result and I have now my own True Metal Caster.

The Fender Telecaster (as well as the much more cheaper Fender owned Squier Telecaster are amazing good and comfortable guitars and to my opinion one of the better Guitars for Metal. Although I know that there are a lot of skeptic people around who have their doubts about it. But believe me, even without my customization and upgrades, the Telecasters will already give you a nice metal sound with more playing comfort then a special designed metal guitar, you only need to know how to use the electronics of the Telecaster and connect some food pedals.

Tip: if you don’t want to change anything to your Telecaster or you don’t know how to DIY guitar mods, but still want to get that heavy sound out of it, then you can do the following 3 things:

 1: If the Bridge pickup isn’t considered “hot” enough then giving more gain isn’t the solution, but compression is. Buy a compressor pedal and your problem is solved. 

2: If the Bridge pickup is sounding too much harsh and treble. Turn the tone control down and your problem is solved.

3: If the Bridge pickup gives you that Buzz noise from the single-coil, than you can gate it with a noise gate pedal.

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