A year without concerts – Impact of Covid 19

Last year, when I was at the Rock Fest Festival in Barcelona, it never crossed my mind that it would be my last concert until 2021? If you would have told me at that moment, that next year there will be a pandemic virus and millions of people will get sick or die, and the biggest part of the world population will be for a long time in a lock down, and there will be no concerts the whole year! I would have laughed in your face and told you that you had consumed too much alcohol and smoked too many joints.

But unfortunately, the unthinkable happened this year, and the fight is not won yet. Many people got sick and/or lost their job or private company, including artists and musicians. Musicians now and days are earning the biggest part of their income from concerts. Not like the old days, when people bought a vinyl 7″ single or a vinyl LP of a musician or band and from every sell they got a percentage. And the LP’s were not cheap and some musician’s or bands sold millions and millions of them. And aside of that, they did concerts, for promoting their LP. Of course I’m not saying that the artists from then worked less hard then now, but it’s nowadays more difficult to have a fair revenue.

Nowadays the musicians don’t have that luxury anymore and the music is digital and can be downloaded for relative cheap money. And digital music allows people to illegal copy or “share” music. In other words, musicians which can’t perform their music in a “live way” are like fish without water.

I do hope that we will NOT find out in a few months, that a lot of good musicians or bands are bankrupted and had to stop their career. I do hope that next year they are all still there and that we can enjoy their performances. I know what I’m going to do next year, visit more concerts then I did ever before. Because all what we thought was normal and unlimited, appeared to be special and fragile. Enjoy live while you can and what better way to go to a concert and let yourself go.

I have seen some musicians trying to support other musicians, and that is nice to see. Respect for those who are sticking out their own neck for others. One good example is the American Blues Rock star Joe Bonamassa. Next to his “keeping the blues alive” initiative, he started in April this year the “Joe Bonamassa’s relief program for musicians affected by Covid 19″.

Joe Bonamassa’s relief program for musicians

More info can be found on his “keeping the blues alive” site https://keepingthebluesalive.org/.

Hopefully next year we all can see our favorite musicians and bands again performing live. Hopefully we can all see, listen, dance, cheer, scream and head-bang together and forget that this nightmare ever happened.


  1. Estoy de acuerdo contigo, el año pasado estuve ahí y espero el próximo año termine el problema de covid y podamos seguir disfrutando de estos maravillosos festivales.

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