21 Unreleased songs by David Bowie will be released soon

David Bowie’s official website has announced the publication on May 28 of ‘The width of a circle’, a double album made up of 21 unreleased songs by the artist that will be released as a complement to the reissue of his album ‘The man who sold the world ‘(1970).

In that emblematic album, which was recently relaunched with the original title devised by its author, ‘Metrobolist’, a song called precisely ‘The width of a circle’ was included as an opening, a name now chosen for this compilation made up of songs that did not pass. The cut, versions and takes taken from collaborations for the BBC.

These are, above all, footage from the 1970s taken from the session that Bowie recorded for journalist John Peel with The Tony Visconti Trio, as well as five songs he made for the soundtrack of the telefilm ‘The looking glass murders’ (also called’ Pierrot in Turquoise ‘), as well as those performed on the’ Andy Ferris Show ‘.

The repertoire also includes versions remixed by Tony Visconti himself in 2020 of ‘The Prettiest Star’, ‘London Bye, Ta-Ta’, ‘Memory of a tree Festiva’ “, ‘All the madmen’ and ‘Holy holy’.

This unexpected album will be released as a double CD and also on vinyl. In parallel, on that same date an edition of the aforementioned ‘The man who sold the world’ will be put on sale in ‘picture disc’ format, with an image recorded in black and white on its surface that corresponds to the one used in its relaunch in 1972.

The man who sold the world – (2020 Mix)

‘The man who sold the world’, David Bowie’s third studio album, was the one that led him to darker sounds to abound in themes such as religion or war. Produced by Visconti, it was the work in which the drummer Mick Woodmansey and, above all, the guitarist Mick Ronson were incorporated as musicians and co-directors, who played a fundamental role not only on the strings, but also in the musical direction.

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